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I got into a car accident when my daughter was 2 years old. My daughter was not injured in the crash, but I was. The accident was caused by a distracted driver talking on her cell phone. The driver insisted that I was attending to my daughter and I took my eyes off the road. I unfortunately had many medical bills to pay and I had very little time to fight with insurance companies over settlement payments. I was concerned about the cost of an attorney, but I met with a lawyer anyway to help with the accident claim. The lawyer relieved my stress and dealt with the insurance company and the other driver. I want you to know that lawyers can be helpful, kind, and caring. Most people think the worst of these professionals, but I want you to know that lawyers should not be feared or avoided.

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Pursuing A Lawsuit After Hepatitis C

Many people do not realize that Hepatitis C is a serious infection of the liver that can impact you at any time in your life. The virus that causes Hepatitis C can lead to symptoms you don't even notice, but it can still cause a serious issue later in life, including cirrhosis and other liver issues.

You might not realize it now, but Hepatitis C diagnoses sometimes lead to medical malpractice and personal injury cases. Not sure about your options? This guide will help.

Why Is Hepatitis C Such a Big Deal?

Hepatitis C is a big deal because it can lead to liver failure, liver cancer, and other types of life-threatening issues. Some people can have the condition for a long time before a doctor diagnoses it, which can be significant.

Hepatitis C comes with a lot of symptoms, many of which are serious. Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, is a common one. It can also lead to permanent scarring of the liver, which is also known as cirrhosis. Other symptoms of Hepatitis C include abdominal pain, dark urine, fever, appetite loss, fatigue, vomiting, and more.

How Can You Get Hepatitis C?

There are several ways in which you can contract this virus. In most cases, Hepatitis C is spread by blood-to-blood transmission. For some people, this occurs with intravenous drug use. In a hospital, Hepatitis C can be the result of medical equipment that has not been sterilized and blood transfusions from people who have Hepatitis C.

Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to pursue a lawsuit against somebody who is responsible for you getting Hepatitis C. For instance, you might have received a blood transfusion that was not adequately tested for infection. In other cases, the hospital treating you might not have sterilized its equipment properly.

In most cases, professionals do not intend for anybody to become ill or injured.

Why Can You Sue Somebody After Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C has lasting implications, including permanent, long-term health concerns like cirrhosis. They can cause you to be unable to work, for instance. You may also be stuck with medical bills.

How Can You Pursue a Case After You Get Hepatitis C?

The best way to pursue a case after you have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C is to speak with a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help you settle your case and determine what your next plan of action should be.