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I got into a car accident when my daughter was 2 years old. My daughter was not injured in the crash, but I was. The accident was caused by a distracted driver talking on her cell phone. The driver insisted that I was attending to my daughter and I took my eyes off the road. I unfortunately had many medical bills to pay and I had very little time to fight with insurance companies over settlement payments. I was concerned about the cost of an attorney, but I met with a lawyer anyway to help with the accident claim. The lawyer relieved my stress and dealt with the insurance company and the other driver. I want you to know that lawyers can be helpful, kind, and caring. Most people think the worst of these professionals, but I want you to know that lawyers should not be feared or avoided.

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Why You Should Contact A Bail Bondsman When Charged With Domestic Violence

No one ever plans on going to jail. Good people also don't ever think they are going to get into a screaming match or a fight with a family member, but sometimes unexpected things happen and your emotions get the best of you. If you are ever put in jail on domestic violence charges, you may find it especially difficult to get a hold of someone who can help you post bail.

Here's why you might want to consider contacting a domestic violence bail bondsman in this situation. 

A Bondsman Will Answer Your Call

If you were unexpectedly arrested and given a phone call by the jail, you might normally contact your significant other or someone close to you in your family. But if you are accused of domestic violence against the person that would normally come to bail you out, you are not likely going to be able to make that call. Even other relatives or friends of the person you are alleged to have assaulted might not want to talk to you right now. With a bail bondsman that assists with domestic violence cases, you will get someone who will reliably pick up the phone and come to your aid when you need it most.

A Bondsman Does Not Judge

Getting accused of domestic violence can be embarrassing and you might not want to discuss details with anyone but your lawyer or closest friends. The great thing about hiring a bail bonds service is you will get a bail bondsman who is a true professional. A bail bondsman needs to know the charges and the amount of the bail and maybe other information about your arrest. But you are not going to get a lecture or judged in any way. The bail bondsman is there to do a job and you will receive the same level of professional service as every other client the bail bond service has helped over the years. Going this route with a bail bond service allows you to avoid having to inform anyone else in your family or friends group about the charges against you until a later time.

A Bondsman Stays Up Late

If an incident happened in your home late at night, you might find it difficult to get a family member or friend to respond to your phone call from jail after they have already gone to bed. Reputable bail bond services are typically open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can call with confidence that someone will actually be there to pick up the phone.

Contact a company like U.S. Bonding Co. to learn more about domestic violence bail bonds.