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I got into a car accident when my daughter was 2 years old. My daughter was not injured in the crash, but I was. The accident was caused by a distracted driver talking on her cell phone. The driver insisted that I was attending to my daughter and I took my eyes off the road. I unfortunately had many medical bills to pay and I had very little time to fight with insurance companies over settlement payments. I was concerned about the cost of an attorney, but I met with a lawyer anyway to help with the accident claim. The lawyer relieved my stress and dealt with the insurance company and the other driver. I want you to know that lawyers can be helpful, kind, and caring. Most people think the worst of these professionals, but I want you to know that lawyers should not be feared or avoided.

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Common Forms of Medical Malpractice and How to Identify Them

Medical malpractice is a serious issue affecting the lives of millions of people around the world. It occurs when a medical practitioner fails to provide care that meets the established medical standards. Sadly, medical malpractice is not uncommon, and it can happen to anyone, even in the most advanced and developed healthcare systems.

This blog post explores common forms of medical malpractice and provides guidance on identifying them. It also addresses actions to take if suspicion arises regarding being a victim of medical malpractice for you or a loved one.

Misdiagnosis and Delayed Diagnosis:

Misdiagnosis happens when a medical practitioner fails to diagnose a condition correctly, leading to incorrect treatment or delayed treatment. Misdiagnosis can result in severe health problems and even death. Delayed diagnosis, on the other hand, is when the doctor takes too long to diagnose a condition, leading to increased damage and possible death. To identify this type of malpractice, you should look out for symptoms that are not being addressed, tests not being given, or misinterpretation of test results.

Surgical Errors:

Surgical errors are another form of malpractice that can cause severe harm or even death. These errors can range from wrong-site surgeries, leaving equipment behind in the body, performing the wrong operation, or administering incorrect medications during surgery. You can identify this type of malpractice if you experience abnormal pain post-surgery or if there are complications that were not disclosed before the surgery.

Prescription Drug Errors:

Medical practitioners can make errors in prescribing medications, and these errors can lead to severe harm. Prescription errors can include prescribing the incorrect medication, incorrect doses, incorrect route, incorrect frequency, incorrect duration, or failure to consider the patient's medical history. If you experience side effects, your symptoms are not improving or worsening, or you have not been asked about your medical history before medication, you could be a victim of prescription drug malpractice.

Birth Injuries:

When a mother or child suffers injury during labor or delivery due to malpractice, it is considered a birth injury. If you or your child experiences oxygen deprivation, cerebral palsy, Erb's palsy, or any other developmental disorder, you may be a victim of malpractice.

Anesthesia Errors:

Anesthesia errors occur when medical practitioners administer too much or too little anesthesia or the wrong type, leading to severe consequences. Patients who suffer from anesthesia errors can experience cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, brain damage, or even death. To identify anesthesia malpractice, patients can check for symptoms such as awareness during surgery, extended intubation times, difficulty waking up after surgery, or any other complications.

Identifying medical malpractice can be a daunting task, but it is essential for getting the proper care and compensation for your suffering. If you or someone dear to you has experienced harm due to medical negligence, seek legal help from a personal injury attorney. Remember, your health is critical, and you should always be vigilant in ensuring that you receive the best possible care.